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Increase class engagement and empower student’s learning by effectively using manipulatives!

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Watch the 5-10 minute video the day before your lesson, print off the lesson plan and tasks and you are ready to teach!

Teachers who have never taught math before have successfully used this resource to make math a favourite subject for their students and the teacher feels a huge amount of job satisfaction knowing that they are teaching math well.

You will learn how to use manipulatives and pictorial models along with specific language that will help your students to develop strong understanding of the concepts and the big ideas.

Even experienced teachers find this course extremely valuable because they were never taught math this way. Learning the ‘basics’ again, but this time conceptually and visually is actually far more challenging for the teacher than the students (try it in your class to see this for yourself!).

Each video deals with one concept. Sometimes this can be learned in one lesson but often will need to be stretched out over a few lessons, depending on your students. You will find lesson plans with each video AND differentiated tasks and other resources that you can use with your students. Lastly, there is a comment section where you can share your successes and questions with others as a way to collaborate on a larger scale and to support each other as we move towards teaching math with more meaning.

Each concept has:

- At least one video modeling how to use manipulatives and/or pictorial models

- Specific language to help make math more meaningful and understandable

- Lesson plan to go along with each video

- Resources that show you the types of questions, worksheets, and activities that you can use with your students

- Comment section to share with others and to seek advice (Nikki moderates this to support all members who are taking the courses)

- Connections to big ideas and to related concepts

Some teachers need to watch parts of the video a few times if the concept is one they’ve never seen before. You can also use these lessons and tasks as part of teaching using collaborative math teams if that is your approach (to find out about using collaborative math teams click here).

Feel inspired, knowing you are better meeting the needs of your students as our lessons help you to differentiate your lessons. This course focuses on the number concepts that have traditionally been taught very abstractly with rules to be memorized and instead teaches the actual concept in a visual, meaningful way. Here’s an example: we are taught when multiplying decimals to just ignore the decimal, multiply and skip the decimal back in. Where is the understanding of place value? Where is the meaning and understanding behind this rule? Why does it work? Teaching using Educating Now’s Teacher Resource will help you answer all these questions.

Benefits for teachers:

-less preparation for lessons (we’ve done that for you)

-pedagogically sound and curriculum aligned lessons and tasks at hand (including the competencies)

-more ability to formatively assess and therefore alter instruction to better meet students’ needs

-less time spent marking tons of practice sheets and more time allowing learning to happen

-feel inspired by the end of the lesson when you see how engaged students are

-you will likely gain a much stronger conceptual understanding for yourself

- you will learn new ways of thinking mathematically too!

Benefits for students:

-develop strong skills such as problem solving, analyzing, communication, collaboration, critical and creative thinking

-learn math in a way that is engaging, understandable and accessible to all students

-develop strong conceptual understanding of number and algebra concepts

-see the many patterns and connections in mathematics

-effectively use models to communicate about and solve mathematical problems

-apply mathematical knowledge to novel situations

-develop confidence and a positive affinity towards math

Each lesson plan includes:

Learning Goals

  • necessary for students to know your expectations and why they are doing the tasks they have been assigned
  • necessary for students to self-assess how well they are reaching the goals

Accessing Prior Knowledge

  • prepare students for new learning by ensuring they have prerequisite skills
  • help students to see the connections in mathematics


  • students are given problem solving tasks designed to help them develop conceptual understanding of the given topic
  • students use models, communication, problem solving and mathematical reasoning skills to work together to construct new learning


  • students transform their new learning into more permanent learning by applying and practicing the concepts
  • students write to explain their understanding of the concept and the procedures


  • students reflect on their learning goals, on their learning experiences and/or do some self-assessments at the end of each lesson
  • metacognition is an extremely valuable (and often forgotten) aspect of learning and the goals and reflection sections allows for this every lesson

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Your Instructor

Nikki Lineham
Nikki Lineham

For the past 10 years, Nikki has dedicated her professional life to coaching teachers in transforming their math practices and gaining new confidence in their teaching. Through this process teachers also gain confidence in their own mathematical understanding and even learn to love and see the beauty in math.

Nikki is a highly sought after presenter and Professional Development facilitator. Educating Now was born by teachers constantly telling her they need her in their class everyday. This wish is now a reality with lesson by lesson coaching videos and associated resources.

Her passion for math education stems from the transformations she sees in teachers and students when they are engaged, learning conceptually, collaborating, communicating and developing growth mindsets.

Nikki began her career in 2001 and has taught in both Canada and the UK. She discovered the magic of teaching conceptually in 2006 while researching for her Master’s degree in Leadership. Nikki has recently presented at conferences such as the Northwest Mathematics Conference, BCAMT conferences, Tapestry, Surrey Teacher’s Association Conference and is engaged as a consultant with mulitple schools.

Nikki is an energetic speaker who shares the research that she reads voraciously, as well as her own experiences from teaching in the classroom where she puts best-practice strategies into action.

“I can honestly say that my whole attitude to teaching math has changed. Now if you walk into my math classes you will often see groups of students chatting enthusiastically about math, using manipulatives to show their knowledge and fighting for a chance to explain their thinking to the class. My students seem more engaged in class and appear to have a deeper, more enduring understanding of the concepts than they did before, and I am having so much more fun!” Nora Havelaar, French Immersion Grade 6 Teacher

“Using manipulatives during math instruction has helped me reach more of my learners. That moment when a student ‘gets’ a concept that they have struggled for years to understand, is priceless!” Jeni Scott, Grade 6 Teacher

“Educating Now has been an incredible help in my first year teaching math to middle school students. It has been a huge time saver and stress reliever, guiding me with best practices on how to teach math in a meaningful way. I am so thankful for the easy-to-follow video tutorials, which have given me confidence in how I approach key concepts and use manipulatives with my class. Each concept includes ready to use lesson plans and additional differentiated tasks. My students are engaged and excited about math, and are learning to solve and discuss problems in thoughtful ways.” Sara Conkin, Grade 6 Teacher, Cedar Hill Middle School

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